Pool Bean Bags: Why Every Pool Owner Needs One

Owning your own pool is like having a mini vacation spot in your backyard, but with a Pool Bean Bag, it’s an upgrade to first class.

Not only can a bean bag be used as the best chilling spot while relaxing next to the pool and enjoying that beautiful view. They can also serve as floating bean bags (or, bean bag floats) and be used to have fun in the pool!

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! You get to float around on a cushy bean bag, enjoy the sun, and have an absolute blast in the water.


Ready to transform your pool into a first-class retreat?

Maintenance: A Breeze, Not a Chore:

Investing in a pool bean bag is about ensuring its longevity to continue enjoying the comfort it offers. Fortunately, the maintenance of pool bean bags is straightforward. Our guide on how to look after your outdoor bean bag provides insightful tips to keep your bean bag in pristine condition. Likewise, our care and maintenance page expands on simple steps to clean and store your pool bean bag, ensuring it stays as cosy and inviting as ever.

Whether hosting vibrant pool parties or enjoying a quiet evening with a book, a pool bean bag is your companion for ultimate comfort.

Customer Chronicles: Falling in love with Epona pool bean bags…

At Epona Co., we believe that our pool bean bags are more than just an accessory for your pool – they are an addition to your lifestyle, a touch of luxury, and most importantly, a source of countless delightful memories.

It's always a privilege to hear directly from our customers. Their stories offer a window into the real-world joys and relaxation our bean bags bring into their lives. Whether it's a lazy Sunday afternoon spent floating under the sun, a spontaneous pool party that became the talk of the town, or simply a serene moment of solitude amidst the gentle ripples, each tale is unique, yet bound by the common thread of sheer happiness.

Our customers often share their tales of joy, floating on our bean bags.




Here are the top reasons why an Epona Co. Pool Bean Bag is the companion every pool owner deserves.

  1. Our pool bean bags are like a cloud of comfort:
  • Dive into comfort like never before with our Resort Moby bean bag. Feel the world fade away as the luxurious fabric cradles every contour of your body, making every moment by the pool a dive into tranquillity.
  1. Minimal Upkeep, Maximum Enjoyment:
  • Our bean bags demand little but give back a lot. A glimpse into our Bean Bag Care and Maintenance guide reveals how effortless it is to keep your bean bag as inviting as the first day you brought it home.
  1. Safety That Puts Your Mind at Ease:
  • Enjoy the waters without a worry. Our bean bags are designed to provide a stable, buoyant haven whether you are a seasoned swimmer or just dipping your toes into the pool’s soothing coolness.
  1. Sun Bathing Bliss:
  • Lay back on a Resort Nemo Floating Bean Bag, soak in the nourishing rays of the sun, and let the soft fabric pamper your skin. Our bean bags are your private sunbathing lounges.
  1. Perfect Poolside Relaxation Utility:
  • From hosting 9 Perfect Strangers to enjoying peaceful evenings, our bean bags are your go-to companions. They morph from comfy seats to relaxing beds, catering to every mood and event.
  1. Elevate Your Pool’s Appeal:
  • Our bean bags are more than just functional; they are an aesthetic upgrade to your poolside space. Discover a range that echoes your taste and elevates your pool’s appeal.


Imagine swapping that hard, uncomfortable sun lounger for a buoyant floating pool lounger.

Dive into our collection and discover how life is indeed better on a bean bag!