FAQs About Ordering Beans Bags Online

As Australia’s leading supplier of premium, resort quality bean bags, Epona Co. is confident that you’ll love our products and the relaxing environment they create in your home, AirBnB, Resort or outdoor area!  If you have any questions about our service or products, a great place to start is our FAQs, and if you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to drop us an email at Contact Us or give us a bell on the phone.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long will it take for my Bean Bag to Arrive?
    On the East Coast of Aus, it is normally with 5 days (most of the time, less than that) and to the West Coast or to overseas, it can take up to 10 days or 2 weeks.  We use Australia Post most of the time for our shipping, so if you’d like more certainty, please contact Australia Post and put your address in as the destination from the Sunshine Coast and you’ll see more accurately what sort of wait time you will have.  We generally process your order within 24 hours* however, sometimes it may take up to 48 hours.  
  • You can also select Express Post if you’d like your delivery sooner, or give us a call for a special courier service.  If you are an overseas customer, please check auspost.com.au for delivery times.  
  • The only exception is if you have ‘pre-ordered’ a product, it will mean it is currently out of stock and we are getting more in.  In this case, it can take up to 2 months for you to receive your product.  In this event, please contact us and let us know if you are happy to wait, or if you’d like a different colour.

If you are concerned about how long your parcel is taking please contact us on admin@eponaco.com 

*Please note that there may be delays during high peak times such as Christmas; Public Holidays; or delivery issues with Carriers beyond our control.

  • How will my bean bag arrive?
    Your Epona Co. Bean Bag comes conveniently flat packed, with filling instructions, for logistical and economic reasons.  You can purchase our special Microbeans in our zip-on bags online (for metro areas in Australia), or purchase regular beans from your local Target, Big W, Kmart or bean retailer.

  • What should I fill my bean bag with?
    We recommend filling your Bean Bag with Polystyrene beans/balls (commonly called beans) - this is the most commonly used filling for Bean Bags.  We are currently investigating more environmentally friendly options for filling and will have them available once they become commercially viable.  

We don’t recommend shredded memory foam for outdoor or floating pool bean bags as once this foam gets wet, it is very heavy and will never dry out.

For ground based bean bags, we recommend using our microbean filling as they hold their shape and don’t compress as much over time as the larger, less dense beans from department stores.

For floating pool bean bags such as our Moby and Nemo, we recommend using the standard beans from your local department store as these beans drain and dry out more quickly and are lighter when wet and being removed from the pool.

  • Where do I buy the filling for my Bean Bag?
    You can purchase Epona Co.'s microbean filling in 200L bags from our online store for metro areas in Australia.  Otherwise, you can purchase regular bean filling in 100L bags from department stores such as Big W, K-Mart, Target and other similar retailers.

  • What are the differences between your whisper quiet microbean filling and the standard bean fillings available in local department stores?

Our microbean fillings are manufactured locally and are 70% smaller than the standard bean fillings from department stores. This means they hold the shape of the bean bag for a lot longer than the standard bean fillings because there is hardly any air to compress.  This means you won’t have to top up your bean bag as much (which is time consuming and messy).  Our microbeans are also a lot quieter – this makes a difference if you use your bean bag inside watching TV or in a study area. Our whisper microbeans are at around 1-2mm in size as opposed to the department store beans which are 10-15mm in diameter.

Standard bean filling from your local department store is recommended for floating pool bean bags for the following reasons:

  • Lighter when they are wet
  • Drain quicker
  • Dry out quicker

  • How do I fill my Bean Bag?
    The easiest method to fill your Bean Bag is to use our zip-on bags with microbeans.  This will save you a lot of time and mean you only need 1 person to fill it.  Once you’ve got the beans in the inner bag, place the outer cover of the bean bag on the ground upside down and place the full inner bag into the open cover.  Use gravity to pull the beans into the cover as you lift it and shake them in.  We recommend watching the videos below of filling the bean bags: 

How to fill a Resort Lounger 

How to fill a Resort Sunlounger 

How to fill a Resort Moby 

How to fill a Byron Daybed 

If you have bought beans from your local department store, we recommend placing the bag of beans on a table, and hold the inner bag up to it, allowing gravity to drop the beans into your bag.  Gradually move the bag towards you and shake the inner bag around to enable it to fill up.  Once you have filled it, follow the instructions above.

Each bean bag has instructions with recommended amounts required for filling - this is a guide and you should fill your Bean Bag until you feel the right comfort level for you.  Look us up on YouTube for instructions.

  • What is the benefit of a removable inner bag?
    Cleanliness: it allows the outer cover to be easily removed and washed. 

Safety: it acts as a 2nd barrier in the event the outer cover was to be damaged or broken.

Shape retention: We have found that is assists in compressing the polystyrene beans underneath your weight which assists in shape retention as well as making a quieter bean bag (far less rustling as experienced with normal bean bags). 

Drainage: for pool based bean bags, we use a mesh inner bag as opposed to a robust polyester inner bag for bean bags that sit on the ground.

  • How do I open my Bean Bag?
    Always use a paperclip.  By law, all retailers must use child proof zips which can not have zipper tags and require the use of a thin device such as a paperclip to unlock them and allow them to open and close. Details regarding this are included on our packaging, and available on YouTube.


  • How do I care for my Bean Bag?
  • Refer to our Care Tips page

  • What are my options for shipping?

Your bean bag will come flat packed for ease and low cost of shipping.  Shipping unfilled bean bags allow our customers all over the world to enjoy our products at affordable prices.


Customers can choose from a range of shipping options at the checkout. Deliveries to Post Office Boxes, Postal Lockers and Road Side Mailboxes will be mailed through Australia Post. Shipping Estimates are available at the shopping Cart. Please contact us for any special requirements or arrangements. All shipping quotes are generated by the courier companies.


We ship worldwide and if you have a special requirements, please feel free to contact us. We can ship large quantities of pre-filled beanbags to most countries by sea. We can also make custom printed beanbags to your specifications.

  • Do you have worldwide shipping?
  • Yes we do. Please take note that a valid email address and phone number are required. If you are going to use Paypal, a Paypal verified address is required before we ship your order. If an international credit card is used, we may require a completed authorization form together with a photo on front and back of the card.

    • Are your bean bags safe to use?

    Yes absolutely! Our bean bags are safe to use. However bean bag filling may be hazardous to children. Our bean bags are designed with fitted childproof zippers. We do not use vinyl or any other carcinogenic materials in the production of our bean bags.

    • Do you have a showroom or a physical store?

    Unfortunately we don't have a showroom or a physical store as of yet. We do process orders and shipping online daily.

    • As an interior designer or customer of a larger number, can I touch and feel the fabric?

    Yes, we have colour swatches available we can send out to designers, retailers, resorts, etc.  Please contact us to organise for some samples.