How To Look After Your Outdoor Bean Bag

Bean bags have become very popular over the last few years. In addition to being very affordable and a great substitute for other forms of outdoor furniture, they also offer superior comfort, fun and style to outdoor spaces. For people who already have them, prolong your bean bag's life by keeping them clean and new. It also prevents mould and mildew from growing as they need ‘food’ to grow on!  While Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags are now made from pure Olefin material and are guaranteed to last in the sun and weather, they will gather dirt and grime from the atmosphere over time.  And mildew will grow (even though the material is mould resistant), if they are dirty and kept in a moist environment. You’ll be glad to know however that the very high quality material that we use in your bean bags make them extremely easy to clean!

7 tips to look after your outdoor bean bag chair

Since the outdoor bean bag chairs are weatherproof, mould and UV resistant, all that is required to ensure they continue looking clean and new is a little light leaning and some preventative measures. This way, your bean bags will maintain a beautiful look throughout the year making your outdoor space welcoming and beautiful. Here are the top tips to clean your outdoor bean bag chair.

1. Store it away from sunlight when the outdoor bean bag chair is not in use. This is very important because it will reduce the amount of time the bean bag is exposed to the hash environmental conditions like the sun. Even though the fabric of the bean bag is UV resistantthe sun and it’s harsh UV rays will make anything look old over time, so prolong it’s life by minimizing its exposure to the UV light.

2. Clean stains from your bean bag immediately, they will come out more easily.

3. When the bean bags gets stained, use clean water and soap to remove the stainScrub the stain with soapy warm water with a soft scrubbing brush such as a dustpan brush or similar.  Rinse the soap properly from the bean bag and dry it out thoroughly.

4. If you are using stronger detergents or bleach, ensure that they are diluted as they could damage the fabric.

5. If your Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bag lives in the elements (which it can), move it regularly (every few days or once a week) especially if it has been raining or splashing from the pool has wet the underside of the bean bag.  Prolonged moisture in a warm environment with dust or dirt will grow mould and mildew on anything, including mould resistant fabrics. Regularly moving your bean bag so that it has a chance to dry out will avoid the opportunity for it to grow mould.

6. As tempting as it maybe… particularly to the younger people among us (or young at heart), avoid jumping or landing hard on your bean bags. Undue stress on the fabric of your bean bag could break the stitching or the fabric and you’ll need to have it repaired by an upholsterer. We also strongly suggest keeping sharp edges or objects away from them. When using the bean bags, it is important to remember that they are pieces of furniture and they should therefore be used as so. Do not jump on the bean bags when you want to sit on them as this may damage the fabric stitching. Also ensure that you do not sit on the bean bags with accessories and clothes that have sharp edges. The fabric of the bean bags can be adversely damage by sharp objects.

7. Sitting around the fire in my bean bag is one of my favorite things in winter… but remember that Olefin and polystyrene are both flammable, man-made materials so please keep them at a safe distance when in use, and remove them from the fire area when you are not present to avoid sparks or a buildup of heat causing your bean bag to ignite. 


Outdoor Bean bags add value to your outdoor space. In addition to being fun and comfortable they are also offer significant health benefits both physically and mentally.  Look after your bean bag to prolong its life and appearance, so it can look after you and give you the lifestyle you love. If you’d like more information on how to specifically remove stains from your bean bag or maintain the fabric, please check out the Sunproof Olefin website at for more info, or contact us on the Contact Us form on this website. 

Life’s Better in a Bean Bag!