Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling

Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling
Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling
Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling

Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling

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How to fill up a beanbag with one person

When our customers purchase their bean bags, one of the main questions that we get asked is – “where should I buy my bean bag filling?”

EponaCo has your bean bag filling needs covered, and we make it easy for you with our how-to instruction videos on how to fill each one of our bean bag designs.

How Many Bags of Beans Do I Need to Fill a Bean Bag?

It’s important to make sure that you buy the right amount of bean bag filling for your bean bag. If you don’t, your bean bag is going to be uncomfortable. We’ve done the sums and tell you the amount of microbeans required for each of our bean bag designs.

Filling bean bag chairs and other large or small beanbags does not have to be a hard, messy or time-consuming process. Because of the design of our EponaCo beanbags and the microbeads we use, filling your beanbag can easily be accomplished by a single person.

Epona Co. Whisper-quiet Microbean Filling are a premium product for our customers who don't want to bother with the hassle of buying, transporting and wrestling with off-the-shelf beanbag filling.

Our custom made Zip and Tip System bags are designed to zip directly onto the lining of your bean bag for a quick transfer of beans from one to another.

Once your beans are safely inside your bean bag liner, you simply zip off the bean filling bag and zip up your liner - creating as little mess as possible.

Our beans are micro-sized (about 75% smaller than standard bean filling) and therefore don't compress as easily reducing the 'deflated' feel and look and the need for regular topping up.

Shipped Straight to your door - It's the easiest solution to filling your beanbag and getting on with the important business of relaxing in it!

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    Why Choose the Resort Byron Daybed?
  • Unmatched Comfort: Sink into the luxurious feel of the Resort Byron Daybed, designed for ultimate relaxation.
  • Stylish Colours: Elevate your space with a range of chic colour options.
  • Durable Design: Crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Generous sizing for complete relaxation and support.


  • The easiest method to fill your Bean Bag is to use our zip-on bags with microbeans.  This will save you a lot of time and mean you only need 1 person to fill it.  Once you’ve got the beans in the inner bag, place the outer cover of the bean bag on the ground upside down and place the full inner bag into the open cover.  Use gravity to pull the beans into the cover as you lift it and shake them in.  We recommend watching the videos below of filling the bean bags: 

How to fill a Resort Lounger 

How to fill a Resort Sunlounger 

How to fill a Resort Moby 

How to fill a Byron Daybed

  • On the East Coast of Aus, it is normally with 5 days (most of the time, less than that) and to the West Coast or to overseas, it can take up to 10 days or 2 weeks.  We use Australia Post most of the time for our shipping, so if you’d like more certainty, please contact Australia Post and put your address in as the destination from the Sunshine Coast and you’ll see more accurately what sort of wait time you will have.  We generally process your order within 24 hours* however, sometimes it may take up to 48 hours.  
  • You can also select Express Post if you’d like your delivery sooner, or give us a call for a special courier service.  If you are an overseas customer, please check auspost.com.au for delivery times.  
  • The only exception is if you have ‘pre-ordered’ a product, it will mean it is currently out of stock and we are getting more in.  In this case, it can take up to 2 months for you to receive your product.  In this event, please contact us and let us know if you are happy to wait, or if you’d like a different colour.

If you are concerned about how long your parcel is taking please contact us on admin@eponaco.com 

*Please note that there may be delays during high peak times such as Christmas; Public Holidays; or delivery issues with Carriers beyond our control.

  • *Please note that there may be delays during high peak times such as Christmas; Public Holidays; or delivery issues with Carriers beyond our control.

Remove the cover (careful your zip hasn’t corroded from your pool water), place it in a bucket and soak it in a bleach mix. After 20 mins, place into a front loader washing machine – one at a time and give it a good heavy wash. If it doesn’t clean up the first time, give it a 2nd go and it should look like new. Place it back onto the beans and put it in the sun to dry..If your zip has corroded over time due to pool chlorine etc, leave the cover on and give it a more vigorous scrub, allow it to sit with a bleach and warm water mix for 20 mins and then squirt it with a jet on a hose.You should give your Epona Co. Bean Bag a wash every 6 months or so to remove any grime, food, dust, etc that may gather on it... this will prevent mould growing, as mould will not grow on the fabric itself, it needs dust or food to nourish it.If you need any tips on how to care for your bean bag, drop us an email.Common Q&A about our Bean Bags.

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