Why Is My Bean Bag Losing It’s Shape

There are many people that have bean bags today. While some of these people have bean bag owners for a long time now, there are those that are new to bean bag use. When you are buying a bean bag, it is always puffy and fluffy and attractive. However, may people find that after some time of use, the bean bag loses its fluffiness and appears to be flat and almost half its original size. This is quite common with the bean bags that are usually filled with polystyrene beads. This can be very inconvenient for many people as they will need to replace the bean bags with entirely new ones.

Here are some of the reasons why your bean bag could be losing its shape. In addition o the reasons, you will also get some tips on how to ensure that your bean bag remains fluffy and puffy throughout.

The type of stuffing used for your bean bags

While most bean bags are stuffed using expanded polystyrene, there are others that are stuffed using virgin beads. Polystyrene is very closely related to Styrofoam. The virgin beads are usually designed for use only in stuffing bean bags. The main problem they have is that they are filled with pockets of air inside. This way, when they are used for a long time, the air becomes compressed and they therefore appear to be flattened. In addition to losing their appeal, they also compromise on the comfort when sat on.

To ensure that the stuffing you use do not lead to flattening of the bean bag, it is important to find the best quality stuffing material. When you notice that the bean bag is losing its fluffiness, you can decide to change the stuffing used. Virgin EPS beads are the best because in addition to being dense, they are also resilient and they do not flatten very easily. Natural fillers like dried rice, beans and even the husks of buckwheat can also be used. The only problem with these fillers is that they are expensive to acquire and large quantities are required.

Misuse of the bean bag

This is one of the most overlooked but very important factors to consider ensuring that the bean bag remains fluffy and puffy. One of the things that lead to flattening of the bean bag is jumping on it and even placing heavy items on it. These things will not only lead to flattening of the bean bag but also destruction of the bean bag. A bean bag is a piece of furniture just like any other hair in the house and it should therefore be used as so of not better.


Bean bags are important pieces of furniture that go a long way in ensuring that the outdoor space is beautiful and welcoming. However, some people complain that their bean bags flatten after some time of use and they have to replace them every now and then. The guide above gives you the top reasons why your bean bags flatten and what to do to prevent them from flattening.


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