What Is The Best Filling To Use In Your Bean Bag?

Bean bags as well as bean bag furniture are affordable, exciting, fun, ergonomic and comfortable. What most consumers fail to realize is that there is a lot more to bean bags than their colorful covers and unique designs. For instance, bean bag fillings are an important aspect and they are available in an array of types and quality. It is only possible to get the best filling for your bean bag by having a complete understanding of the various kinds of beads contained in them. This provides a good idea concerning the best potential filling for your bean bag.


The following are the different types of bean bag fillings that are commonly used on our bean bags:


For the Resort Range, we recommend using micro bean fillings which are 70% smaller than the standard bean. This means they hold the shape of the bean bag for a lot longer than the regular sized beans because there is hardly any air to compress – this in turn means you won’t have to top up your bean bag as much (which is time consuming and messy) and it ends up about the same price over time.  Our micro beans are also a lot quieter – this makes a difference if you use your beanbag inside watching TV or in a study area.

Standard size beans

For pool products, it is recommended to use standard size bean filling (6-11 mm diameter) which can be sourced from a local department store or from a retailer on-line that delivers to your area.  MICRO BEANS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED for water based bean bags as the smaller diameter beans have more surface area and retain more water which makes them heavier. This presents a risk to possible injury removing them from the water or may damage the bag. 

Majority of bean bags are usually filled using a synthetic material referred to as expanded polystyrene or EPS. This can be described as a hard-celled plastic that closely resembles Styrofoam (extruded polystyrene). It is ideal for most types of bean bags and even bean bag furniture. This is attributed to its lightweight and excellent rigidity. EPS comprises of 98% air. A diameter of 3-5mm is the average size of an EPS bean bag filler. These beads are highly resistant to heat and moisture. EPS might not be biodegradable but there are numerous ways through which it can be recycled and reused.


Bean bags are fashionable and ergonomic furniture, especially for modern homes with health enthusiasts for owners. It is advisable to get the very best filling for your outdoor bean bag and the information above can act as a comprehensive guide for that.


Life’s Better in a Bean Bag!