Outdoor Bean Bags

Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags are designed to withstand every environment.

Our range of outdoor bean bags come in a diverse range of styles and sizes to suit every environment.

Epona Co. specialises in outdoor bean bag loungers, with our UV Lounger being our best-selling bean bag chair. All of Epona Co.'s outdoor bean bag chairs are completely waterproof and self-draining. The inner bean bag liner is made from waterproof fabric, ensuring that the beans stay dry and clean, as well as keeping the beans secure from going astray. The outer bean bag cover features our specifically designed Flowtex Self Draining System. Flowtex is made to ensure all water that may find its way between the inner liner and outer cover is drained out of the bottom, to minimise potential water damage.




We provide a selection of sizes spanning from small and large bean bags, all the way to giant bean bag daybeds and our luxury bean bag - The Islander. For personal use and individual lounging, Epona Co. includes products such as The Sunlounger, The Lennox, The Zen Chair, the Byron Daybed and The Urban. These designs are made specifically for use by one person, allowing their seats to mould to whoever is relaxing on them at any given time. They allow for maximum movement, while still holding luxurious shape to ensure comfort. These single-adult loungers and bean bag chairs consider all body shapes and sizes by featuring a specialised back and base support system that curves with your body.



Our double adult bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers are intelligently designed to distribute weight evenly throughout the base of the seat, to ensure that no one is left uncomfortable or on the edge of the seat. The UV Lounger and Heavy Duty Lounger are both well suited to use by adults or kids, with a square base that is forgiving of nearly every possible sitting position. The Islander is the most luxurious and spacious of the bean bag loungers and beds. Serving as a double daybed, this modern bean bag is the size of a queen bed. It is designed to be found in luxury resorts around the world, with its retractable headrest and easy-move handle. These giant, luxury bean bag chairs and loungers are designed with comfort and pleasure in mind. They accommodate to all shapes and sizes, and are perfect for families, couples, friend groups and individuals who are seeking the most indulgent, relaxing furniture.


Within our outdoor range, we also provide beautiful outdoor cushions to match your bean bags. Made from the same polyester fabric as our outdoor bean bags, these throw cushions are as sturdy as they are stylish. They are easy to clean, and are filled with Eco-Friendly stuffing that is fast draining. This means that they are resistant to weathering and mould-damage, as well as supporting Eco-Friendly and recycled fabric manufacturers.

In 2015 we added the CloudSac to our product list. A simple, lightweight and easy-to-store product that came in a range of beautiful, we were so excited to see the response from our customers. Since the initial release of this product, we have continued to stock the CloudSac, due to overwhelming requests by customers who used them at on holidays, festivals and on day trips with friends and family. Currently available in Blush, Citrus and Charcoal, the CloudSac is perfect for picnics and barbecues.

Epona Co. encourages family time and supports family environments with our products through providing outdoor bean bags for kids and adults to enjoy together. We understand that, generally, furniture is only directed towards adults and only accommodates to adult sizes. We believe that one size does NOT fit all, and that there should be something for everyone. This is why we have worked over the years to provide a range of products of all different shapes, heights, widths and sizes, and are currently planning to design a new and improved child lounger. By supplying a vast range of styles, we have tried to consider every customer and their needs in our product design.

Our bean bag covers and liners are made to hold a specific volume of beans, leaving some space for movement. This space is important as it allows the bean bag filling to move and shift with your body as you relax and readjust yourself. The 'Micro Beans' bean bag filler that we provide here at Epona Co. is especially made on request for our customers. Our Micro Beans are a fraction of the size of standard bean bag beans and are designed to be much quieter than average beans. Due to their smaller size, they move much easier than large beans, and make less sound in their movement.

Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags endeavours to provide premium-quality bean bags across Australia and worldwide. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service, and are always happy to answer any queries or concerns that you may have.