Luxury Bean Bags a Great Addition to Corporate Offices

Resort Zen Chair and The Zen Chair, are also great choices for your office or break out areas, if you’re looking to add fun, promote creativity and encourage collaboration in your work environment, the Zen Chair is the right choice for you. Watch out though, no one wants to share the bean bag once they’re on it! 

There’s a reason progressive offices such as Google, Apple and Facebook all create places to relax and hang out in the office. People are more creative and productive when they are relaxed and comfortable in their working environment. These social spaces are known to encourage great ideas! Let Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags help you foster the office space of your dreams with our luxury bean bags.

Adding Australian luxury bean bags to your office can create a collaborative and social space, or a quiet working corner; the possibilities are endless! Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags are easy to move, perfect for sharing and can be configured to sit up when necessary. We provide high-quality bean bags with plenty of options to customise to suit your brand. If you have a custom design in mind, simply let us know! Contact us to make a bespoke request or order online today.

Custom Branded Adult Bean Bags

Corporate and indoor bean bags provide a comfortable and sociable seating option for a more relaxed working environment. Adult bean bags from Epona Co. are entirely customisable in shape and design. We even offer custom embroidery! Epona Co. can create the perfect bean bags for your corporate space, ensuring they are both functional and highly aesthetic. Impress your visitors with your cohesive space and brand identity by adding your logo to any shape or colour bean bag.

Foster Collaboration in Comfort

Using bean bag chairs to create a space for team working, informal chats and collaboration is a fantastic way to make the office an inviting place to be. In the changing office landscape, Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags can help foster collaboration outside of meeting rooms and provide an inviting space as your employees return to the office. Our bean bag chairs are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to our premium quality, durable fabric! If you have a terrace, lawn space, an area with a rough surface or any outdoor area, our bean beans can easily be moved to wherever you need them. 

Order Your Bespoke Office Bean Bags Today

Visit the Epona Co. website to order your bespoke indoor or outdoor bean bags for your workplace. We offer a huge range of colours and fabrics to match your company branding and office aesthetic. Our lead time for custom bean bags is typically 6-8 weeks from order to delivery. Feel free to get in touch with us now for a free quote so you can place your order as soon as possible.

Order indoor or outdoor bean bags for your workplace and create a fun and collaborative working environment. Call us on 07 5641 0190 or contact us online with any questions.