How to Store Your Outdoor Cushions over Winter

With the arrival of winters or fall people usually like to store their outdoor cushions as they are not going to use them for quite some time. But storing the cushions requires some kind of preparations before storing them finally. The tips provided here under can help you in storing the cushions of your outdoor furniture more perfectly.

Storing the outdoor cushions involves a three step process like:

Washing the outdoor cushions

It is important to wash the outdoor cushions before storing them as lots of dirt can be accumulated in them. There can be stains and spills on these cushions which can make it look dull due to accumulation of dirt and dust on them.

While washing the cushions you should follow the instructions provided by their
manufacturing company. It will be easier to clean the cushion if it is covered with a removable cover made of washable fabric as you can remove it and wash it in machine like you wash other clothing using mild washing detergent and lukewarm water. You can also use power washer to wash your cushions if you do not want to scrub them with a brush. After removing stains and dirt you can rinse them unless entire soapy water is removed from them.

Drying the cushions

It can be easy to dry the outdoor cushions if you wash them on a sunny day. But if the day is not very sunny or if you have washed them in the evening even then you will have to dry them effectively as moist cushions cannot be stored. It can increase the risk of the growth of mildews and molds in them along with damaging the looks and practicality of these cushions.

Storage of the outdoor cushions

After preparing the outdoor cushions by washing and drying them thoroughly, it is time to prepare the place for their storage. It can be the garage, basement of attic in your house but it should be a cool, dry and sheltered location. After cleaning and drying that spot completely you can store your outdoor cushions for winters. But before storing them you should ensure that cushions are completely dry otherwise the growth of fungus and molds can damage them.

You can also seal the cushions in plastic bags before storing them at the spot prepared for this purpose so that the moisture in the air cannot damage them.

However, if you do not have any suitable space inside your home to store you outdoor cushions then you can opt for a sheltered space. It can be in your tool shed or under the patio or deck but it should be sheltered properly. You can also consider buying some outdoor storage box made of weatherproof materials. After selecting an outdoor storage option you can follow the tips discussed above to store your cushions properly.

But, if you live in a high humidity area then moisture can affect your cushions even if they are sealed in plastic bags. In such condition you should store your outdoor cushions in climate controlled setting.

Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up you can store your outdoor cushions safely for winter.


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