What is the best Australian bean bag for me?

It’s no surprise that bean bags have exploded in popularity in Australia over the last few years.  Bean bags offer ergonomic comfort working from home in the office, laying outdoors by the pool and look stylish in the lounge room ready for movie night.

Choosing an Australian bean bag online can seem overwhelming with all of the indoor/outdoor, material and style options but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Durable and stylish Australian bean bags do exist, and if you choose the right one it will give you years of comfort.

We know you love bean bags Australia, but what makes a great Australian bean bag?

What to think of when shopping for a bean bag for Australian conditions

Looking for the best bean bag in Australia must start with finding a material that can stand up to the harsh Australian conditions. Some fabrics might be very attractive but they’re less capable of dealing with the Australian sun and elements.

The best indoor/outdoor bean bags are waterproof and UV resistant to protect them from rain and sun damage while also comfy and at home in the lounge room. You also need to factor in how much weight and wear you expect your bean bag to handle, because bean bags are not reinforced with a frame.

That’s why Epona Co chose Olefin fabric for our Indoor/outdoor Zen chair, Outdoor Resort Lounger and entire bean bag range.  

What makes the fabric Epona Co use perfect for bean bags in Australia?

Because of the range of conditions Australian indoor/outdoor bean bags contend with, we knew we needed a fabric that wouldn’t allow the growth of mould and mildew. It’s not just the bean bag material that needs to be strong, the seams and zippers need to be strong enough to handle years of wear and tear. Olefin fabric does this while still giving that high-end resort comfort feel.

The thick weave and strength of the fibres used to make olefin fabric allow it to be an outstandingly durable fabric compared to other, weaker natural fabrics. The strength and durability of olefin fabric means that the bean bags it is used to make can hold up to years of use in Australian conditions, while also being recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly.

It’s no wonder more high end luxury accommodation in Australia are choosing Epona Co to fit out their indoor/outdoor entertaining areas.

How do I clean my bean bag?

Accidents happen, and the best bean bags won’t have you pulling your hair out if they get dirty. That’s one of the top qualities of our Australian bean bag range: most Epona Co bean bags can be wiped down with a wet cloth if they get dirty or there is the inevitable spill. Less time cleaning, more time relaxing. We also recommend storing your outdoor bean bags in the shed or garage when you’re not going to be using them for a while, to keep them looking newer for longer.

The best Australian bean bags are multi-functional
The best bean bags are the ones you can use outside by the pool and then bring inside for a comfortable cold night in the lounge room.

Many of our customers end up favouring their Epona Co bean bag to conventional sofas, armchairs or office chairs because they are inexpensive furniture items and often more comfortable! 

So, the best bean bag for Australian conditions is one that is:

  • Weather proof
  • UV resistant in fabric, seams and zippers
  • Easy to clean and stain resistant
  • Easy to move
  • Safe for children and pets

Now you’ve got an idea of what type of bean bag is best for Australian condition, it’s time to take your pick.