A True ‘Lux’ Designer Bean Bag Company

Most bean bags are pretty basic: a big leather or fabric bag stuffed with polystyrene ‘beans’.  More recently, bean bag makers have begun offering other fillings, like shredded foam, memory foam, microbeads, and buckwheat hulls. 

At Epona Co., our bean bags are a little bit different – they’re made for the outdoors, so they need to be tougher and more weather-resistant than your average indoor bag, and still give that ‘lux’ designer look.

To make the perfect bean bag, we started with our number one consideration: comfort.  Even though our covers are waterproof and mould- and UV-resistant, the synthetic fabric we use means they’re still beautiful to lie on.  Importantly, their ergonomic design results in even weight distribution, meaning you’ll always be fully supported. But comfort’s just one piece of the puzzle.  We knew our bags needed to survive the harshness of Australian climates, so we added a waterproof internal bag that keeps the beans separate and dry even if the external cover suffers damage.  Each bean bag also features a hard-wearing Textilene base, designed specifically for long-term outdoor use. Our patented Flowtex drainage system means that any moisture that does penetrate the external cover can safely and quickly drain out the bottom of the bag, which prevents mold from developing.

Not only does Epona Co. bean bags offer high end quality fabric, it is also more environmentally responsible too as Olefin material does not use dyes which can be discharged into the environment during manufacturing and consequently there is a significantly smaller amount of water used.

Now let's talk about the ‘look’. Our daily lives changed in ways that would have been unthinkable at the beginning of 2020. Fuelled by the current pandemic, the stay-at-home economy is bringing new behaviours. The current crisis has forced millions of people to develop new ways of working, consuming, learning, and living. People are spending more time at home than ever before and so their home decor is even more important than ever before. That’s why our designs are created with the ultimate in comfort and lifestyle by interior designers. A luxury bean bag is the perfect look for your home, indoors or out.

At Epona Co., we continue our development to make the products more comfortable, more resilient, last longer, best outdoor thread, zips and fabric on the market.

We can also operate on a much personal level, with the ability to design, develop and create any style of bean bag in any size and any colour.  We also can now place individual corporate branding in any size and colour with high-quality embroidery.

We have customers, such as Stanbroke Pastoral Company and Perth’s Outback Splash, who have requested their own size and style of bean bag in designer chosen fabrics and colours ... all with their unique corporate branding.  

Six Senses Fiji have also taken advantage of our custom designs, colours and branding with amazing loungers that now adorn their beachside villas!

The CRAICCHS (Cherbourg Regional Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Health Services) has also had special, smaller loungers created for kids in many vibrant colours – they’ve created an amazing environment for learning and support.  It was really fantastic being involved in building a hub designed to increase health and learning within their vibrant community!

We don’t have the time or space to mention the thousands of high-end resorts, Airbnbs, luxury accommodation properties, public spaces, and family backyards around the world that are enjoying our specifically chosen fabrics and carefully shaped designs, every day of the year … but the list continues to grow.  Now that we’ve upgraded our fabric quality to last for years outdoors and have suppliers who can tailor designs to our customers’ specific needs, Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags is starting to really live up to its name!

As part of supporting women’s health and breast cancer awareness, we also created Australia’s biggest bean bag … in bright pink!  It’s a whopping three metres in diameter and 0.6 metres high!  We introduced it at the High Tea by Sea event in Caloundra to raise money and awareness for breast cancer and, boy, did it impress!  

Our focus is to make life that little bit better for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances.  True freedom to design and create, to make our world a bit comfier, and create great experiences … Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags: #LifesBetterInABeanbag!