5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing an Outdoor Beanbag

Beanbags are making a major comeback. This is no surprise given that they are immensely comfortable and very practical. Knowing what outdoor beanbag to buy however can be quite complicated especially with all the different styles and designs of outdoor bean bags to choose from. Do you buy that daybed shaped beanbag or would the couch or lounger shaped one be more appropriate for lounging around the pool? The decision can be quite difficult, so here are 5 important things you should know before you go hunting for an outdoor beanbag:

Size Matters

One of the most important considerations you should have in mind before you buy an outdoor beanbag is just how much space you have for the chair. You do not want to buy a beanbag that is too big that will make your outdoors look cramped or worse still, one that cannot fit in any space you have there. You also don’t want to buy a beanbag that is too small for your comfort. Before outlaying your cash to buy the beanbag, make sure you know which size is most appropriate for your needs. That way you will not regret your choice of chair.

Look at The Material

There are many considerations to make with an outdoor bean bag regarding the material. Here are a few that we recommend:

a) Will it go in the pool? If so, it needs to drain easily (Mesh inner and part mesh on the outer). If your bean bag doesn’t drain freely and goes in the pool it poses a very large safety risk if someone was to go under it and not be able to get back out for air. They can get very heavy and a person would not be able to lift it out of the water to get air.

b) Will it sit in the full sun all the time? If so, you need to look for material that won’t a) fade and b) deteriorate rapidly in the UV light. You will also want a material that won’t get very hot in the sun and possibly burn someone.

c) Will it be predominantly in the shade eg on a patio/veranda/balcony/etc? If so, the points above regarding UV light are still relevant but may be somewhat less

d) Will your bean bag sit in a moist darker environment? If so, look for material that is mould resistant. If you have a warm, moist and dark place to store your bean bag, it will still be susceptible to mould, however there are fabrics that are more resistant than others. Keeping your bean bag clean from food and dust will help it to resist mould for longer, as mould doesn’t grow on the fabric without something to provide it nutrition.

e) If you are in a warmer or hot climate, you will want a material that doesn’t cause you to sweat. Look for fabrics that allow you to breath and stay cool… avoid plastics.

f) Ensure your bean bag is designed and approved for your desired use. It will void it’s warranty if not.

g) Bean bags must have a child safe zipper. That is, that you will require a separate implement such as a paperclip to open the zipper on your bean bag.

h) Does your bean bag have an internal liner? This isn’t absolutely necessary, however the last thing you want is to rupture your bean bag somehow and have beans escaping everywhere… particularly if it is outside. Inner liners also help the bean bag to hold its shape more.

i) Generally, very few fabrics for bean bags are fire resistant, however it is a
consideration to be made with the fabric if you intend on using it around camp fires and the like.

Ease of Cleaning

Since you are purchasing the beanbag for outdoor use, you will be better off buying one that is easy to clean. You have two main options when it comes to buying a beanbag that is easy to clean; it should be come with a removable cover or made of nylon or polyester cover. The removable cover is very easy to take off, wash and then return, and you can easily wipe down a nylon or polyester- made beanbag. Cotton may be very comfortable to sit on, but cleaning it can be very difficult. Vinyl on the other hand is quite easy to clean but it gets warm and sticky in warmer weathers, so it’s best to steer clear of it.

As mentioned above, being resistant to mould is a serious consideration here as well. Plan to have minimal maintenance on your bean bag and you will not only prolong the life of the bean bag, but also have a more relaxed life!


You should buy a beanbag that will serve you well for years. Generally, beanbags are durable if they are made of quality materials. Often, the price of the beanbag will point to the kind of material used to make it. The more expensive the chair is, generally the higher the quality of materials used to make it. If you intend to put the beanbag to heavy use, its best to go with the higher quality ones. They will prove to be worth every single coin your spend on them.

Looking after your outdoor bean bag however will add years of life to it. Wash it when it is dirty, keep it out of the sun when not in use or when it doesn’t need to be is the extent of the maintenance required to maximize its life. Also avoid throwing them around and over filling them to avoid stressing the seams and stitching.


Finally, you want to buy a beanbag that is visually appealing. You want the bag to be an accessory to your outdoor area and current decors, rather than detracting from your desired look. Choose a colour that accentuates your outdoor environment and your lifestyle. Use the incredible range of colours and styles to reflect who you are. Use the variety of styles available to createa fulfilling and desirable place to go and relax.


With the proper information to start with, you will narrow your choices and be far more certain on what product you are looking for.The tips above cover the major areas of choice when buying outdoor bean bags, and if you take these points into consideration, you will greatly increase your chance of making a choice of which you will always be glad.

Life’s Better in a Bean Bag!