Transform Your Outdoor Space with Australia’s Best Bean Bags!

Trendsetters around the world are coming to the same conclusion: Life is better in a bean bag. Renowned for their quality and durability, Epona Co. bean bags are great value for money and are the ideal way to add the finishing flourish to your lounge, playroom or outdoor entertaining area. We are proud to offer luxe beanbags that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours… until they buy their own, that is! We have a great variety of contemporary styles, colours and patterns to choose from, including the ever-popular Resort SunLounger and Resort Lounger. Let’s look at the different ways you can kickstart the hottest summer trend in your backyard.

Floating Bean Bag for Your Pool Area

The Epona Co. Resort Lounger is the most common bean bag we sell, which is used around and next to pools all over the world. You may have already considered a Resort Lounger bean bag for your poolside area. Did you know there’s a floating bean bag that you can use in the pool, too? The Floating Pool Lounger! Thanks to a few simple modifications, the Floating Pool Lounger can be used for both poolside and in the pool relaxation due to its chlorine-resistant, waterproof fabric and ability to drain quickly and safely. Perfect for lazy days floating effortlessly and comfortably in the pool.

Here are some reasons why Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags should be your first choice when choosing a bean bag that floats on the water:

  • Free Draining Ability: The inner liner allows water to flow quickly and easily from it without holding water and becoming excessively heavy.
  • Chlorine Resistant: Our bean bags won’t be damaged or fade when exposed to harsh pool chemicals.
  • Size is Important: Our Floating Pool Lounger comfortably fits 2 people, making it perfect for a loved one, or a couple of kids!
  • Inner liner that contains the bean filling and protects your pool: We guarantee no bean spills in your pool!
  • Durable base to withstand rough surfaces and pool edges: You can move your new bean bag from the pool to the lawn, to the patio with confidence that there won’t be tears, holes, or damage to the base.
  • Resort Grade Olefin Outdoor/Indoor Fabric: We’re so sure of our Olefin fabric, each of our bean bags comes with a 3 year warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Modern range of colours and custom options: Our bean bags are designed to suit any interior/exterior style.

All-Rounder for Patio or Poolside

The Resort Lounger is a highly adaptable bean bag that you can use on any surface, from lawn to patio to poolside. The large seating area can accommodate two people (or an indulgent single lounger who likes to sprawl out!) while the specially selected fabric offers a soft and luxurious feel. Its shape makes it ideal for reclining with an enjoyable book, a chilled afternoon with friends, or a comfy place to curl up and have that indulgent afternoon nap. It will add the finishing touches, and a loveable seating option, to your patio or pool area. Our lounger bean bags are enjoyed worldwide, year-round, in resorts, households and commercial spaces and is a sure definite to become the favourite place to relax in your patio or poolside area.

Take Relaxation to Another Level

If you’re looking for an outdoor beanbag chair that offers a more contemporary style and has you sitting a little higher off the ground, our Resort Zen Chair, paired with an accompanying ottoman (matching footstool) could be the right choice for you. The extra height in the seat makes it easier to get out of for those who feel a bean bag might be a bit of a challenge for their stiff hips. This bean bag has been designed to be easy to get out of. Whether you’re reading the daily newspaper, getting some work done on the laptop, or simply enjoying the view from your patio, the Resort Zen Chair will quickly become your firm favourite. It’s a very practical yet stylish and comfortable addition to your outdoor or indoor decor!

The Zen Chair is the favourite outdoor beanbag chair of many interior decorators, which has resulted in the Zen Chair being placed as show pieces in the lobbies of resorts, collaborative spaces within corporate offices, on balconies of beach side resorts as well as in libraries and public spaces. The Zen Chair, as its name suggests, is very peaceful yet brilliant in style.

How About a Siesta?

Is there anything more leisurely and revitalising than a daytime nap? With the Resort Byron Daybed, you will love the look and practicality of this daybed that includes a built-in head cushion. Oh, so lush! So dreamy and inviting! You’ll drift off or just want to snuggle in as soon as you lay on it! Perfect for in the garden, on the deck, under your pergola on your patio or by the pool. Enjoy the pure comfort and supportive design of this premium daybed-style bean bag. Daybeds are so suggestive and seem to call you to ‘come and lie down’! Used around resort pools all over the world and often in newly renovated back yard pool areas, the Resort Byron Daybed is the epitome of poolside luxury!

Choose an outdoor beanbag daybed to give your outdoor space that touch of trendsetting luxury. Order online now.